Jazz Conceptions

25th Darmstadt Jazz Conceptions
18 to 23 July 2016

2016_06_16_Plakat-JazzConceptionsSummer class of jazz

Since 1992 the Darmstadt Jazz Conceptions have become a major German jazz workshop. The reason for the workshop’s success is its concept and its unique atmosphere. Rather than school-like instrumental lessons, the students join mixed ensembles from the start and rehearse pieces chosen by the respective teacher. They are given the opportunity to familiarise themselves with improvisation, the planning of musical processes and arrangements, and to discuss the philosophy of jazz and improvised music. The workshop’s venue is the Bessunger Knabenschule, a former boys’ school which has been transformed into a socio-cultural center and which, for one week each year, becomes a home for jazz. During this week the music fills each room and the students meet in the courtyard for breakfast or to share lunch cooked on the premises, to chat about their experiences or to plan further musical activities.


Artistic director: Jürgen Wuchner | double bass, ensemble, artistic director

Christopher Dell | vibraphone
Erwin Ditzner | drums
Silke Eberhard | saxophone
Sebastian Gramss | double bass
Uli Partheil | piano

Conditions and application form (only in German) hier entlang bitte!

What are the Jazz Conceptions?

The Darmstadt Jazz Conceptions workshop is a unique opportunity to work with professional musicians and to discover some of the secrets about the making of jazz. During the ensemble sessions the musicians rehearse pieces, learn about how to practise correctly, discuss the finer points of harmony, rehearse and analyze solo or group improvisation. In the late afternoons, an orchestra workshop brings most of the students together for an unusual orchestra of up to 40 instruments. Between ensemble sessions there is plenty of opportunity for individual practice with other students, or for relaxed conversation in the Jazz Conceptions’ cafeteria. Also on the agenda are also a number of theoretical or jazz-historical items (the latter in combination with an obligatory visit to the Darmstadt Jazzinstitut). Every evening, at one of the many Darmstadt clubs, students can show the results of their day’s work to an audience or just jam.

The Darmstadt Jazz Conceptions are popular not only with the participants, many of whom have been coming back for years, but also with the teachers who appreciate the creative atmosphere which fills the Bessunger Knabenschule with jazzy music for six days. At the 25th Jazz Conceptions once again we plan to invite some excellent teachers, each of whom has developed his or her own concept as a soloist or in a group, individually or collectively.

For participation in the Jazz Conceptions it is not necessary to speak perfect German, but you should have basic knowledge of the language. The registration formalities (below) are be made in German. If you need assistent, don’t hesitate to call or mail us at the Jazzinstitut.

The Jazz Conceptions are a joint project organized by the cultural center Bessunger Knabenschule and the municipal Jazzinstituts Darmstadt.

All teachers of the Jazz Conceptions since 1992

Felix Astor, Peter Back, Johannes Bauer, Harry Beckett, Han Bennink, Karl Berger, Élodie Brochier, Rüdiger Carl, Graham Collier, Marty Cook, Thomas Cremer, Christopher Dell, Axel Dörner, Reimer von Essen, Christina Fuchs, Valentin Garvie, Peter Giger, Rachel Gould, Carola Grey, Michael Griener, Gerhard Gschlößl, Gunter Hampel, Gabriele Hasler, Allen Jacobson, Ute Jeutter, Sven-Ake Johansson, Llewellyn Jones, Ekkehard Jost, Wollie Kaiser, Kalle Kalima, Günter Klatt, Hans Koller, Peter Kowald, Steve Lacy, Tony Lakatos, Ingrid Laubrock, Christoph Lauer, Hazel Leach, Martin LeJeune, Kathrin Lemke, Rudi Mahall, Emil Mangelsdorff, Stefan Meinberg, Krzysztof Misiak, Frank Möbus, Mani Neumaier, Angelika Niescier, Tom Nicholas, Uwe Oberg, Uli Partheil, Michel Pilz, Elvira Plenar, Wolfgang Puschnig, Gerd Putschögl, Adam Pieronczyk, Wolfgang Reisinger, Michael Sagmeister, Heinz Sauer, Ack van Rooyen, Joe Sachse, Jon Sass, Uli Scherer, Ulli Schiffelholz, Daniel Schmitz, Matthias Schubert, Thomas Siffling, Günter ‘Baby’ Sommer, Janusz Stefanski, Oliver Steidle, Norbert Stein, John Tchicai, Christof Thewes, Gebhard Ullmann, Philipp van Endert, Felix Wahnschaffe, Peter Weiss, Jürgen Wuchner … (to be continued))