“The Jazzletter” was a publication in which the Jazzinstitut Darmstadt reported about some of its activities and published short essays, results from the daily work at the Jazzinstitut. We decided to continue the Jazzletter electronically, publishing some of our thoughts and internal discussions and inviting everyone to participate and tell us what they think. We also report about additions to the jazz collection of the Jazzinstitut and other acitivities. This is a collection of notes, thoughts and discussions more than a statement of “truths” about jazz.

We will upload more past issues of our Jazzletter shortly.

Here is our Annual report for 2014  (in German).
Here is our Annual report for 2015 (in German).
Here is our Annual report for 2016 (in German).

 Duke Ellington in Schmallenberg (10 July 1970)
A personal memory by Klaus Fenger of Duke Ellington and his Orchestra playing a company event for Falke socks in Schmallenberg, Germany | PDF-file to open in separate tab [12/2016]