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11 - 24 March 2021 | Ausgabe 06/2021 (English)

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... brief news ...

Ethan Iverson watches the latest documentary about Billie Holiday and then focuses on Holiday's art itself (The Nation). --- Eliza Berkon asks how the jazz scene in Washington, DC, will look after the pandemic (DCist). --- Ulrich Pfaffenberger talks to Valentin Winhart about a film he directed which tells the story of his father, the bassist Franz Dannerbauer (Süddeutsche Zeitung).

Colleen Williamson talks to the Detroit jazz broadcaster Ed Love (WDET). --- Andrew Dansby talks to the drummer Reggie Quinerly (Houston Chronicle). --- Celina Colby talks to the saxophonist Miguel Zenón about his new album honoring Ornette Coleman (Bay State Banner).

Bobbi I. Booker talks to several women musicians from Philadelphia like Joanne Pascale, Justine Keeys, Olivia Hughart, Kendrah E. Butler-Waters about who influenced and inspired them to follow a career in jazz (WRTI). --- Karl Lippegaus talks to the German saxophonist Peter Brötzmann on the occasion of his 80th birthday (Citizen Jazz).

The 2021 Grammy Awards have been announced, and the winners ... can be found here (NPR). --- Since its inception only three women won a Grammy in the category "best album liner notes", a reason for Daphne A. Brooks to look at women writing liner notes (New York Times).

Stefan Hentz looks at current examples of jazz from Austria, and listens to recent recordings of guitarist Ralph Mothwurf, trumpeter Thomas Gansch's collaboration with bassist Georg Breinschmid, as well as trumpeter Mario Rom's collaboration with bassist Lukas Kranzelbinder (Neue Zürcher Zeitung). --- Lawrence Cosentino talks to the saxophonist Diego Rivera about the many meanings of his new album's title "Indigenous", as well as about the circumstances of the recording session in June 2019 (Lansing City Pulse).

Cassandra Day talks to the saxophonist Gregory Sneed about taking up the saxophone after he retired from 26 years on the police force, as well as about his first album "My One and Only Love" released these days (The Middletown Press). --- Shaun Brady talks to the pianist Jawanza Kobie about his turn to music after a career as a mechanic and manager for SEPTA, the Southeastern Pennsylvania Transportation Authority, about his decision not to stay in the music business after he studied at Berklee College, about recording his debut album in 2013, one year before his retirement, as well as about the pandemic having helped him to focus on composing, as can be witnessed in his latest album, "Jawanza Kobie Jazz Composer" (The Philadelphia Inquirer).

John Luciew talks to saxophonist Tim Warfield, vocalist Christian Seay, and pianist Steve Rudolph about the effect of the pandemic both on them personally and on the Pennsylvania music scene (Penn Live Patriot-News). --- Christoph Wagner talks to the guitarist Bill Frisell about his start on the New York jazz scene, about some of the musicians he played with, among them Paul Motian, Elvin Jones, and Ginger Baker, about his interest in Country or American Roots Music, about his sound, about using less technical gadgets than he used to, about his instruments, as well as about a recent album with saxophonist Charles Lloyd (Neue Zürcher Zeitung).

Ulrich Stock remembers the pianist Chick Corea and asks whether he seduced people in the direction of jazz through his music, his stage presence, and his art of communicating with the audience. Who else seduces their audience, asks Stock asks: does it need wide commercial success to make a large audience aware of the quality of the music? Or isn't it rather the small clubs, the intimate atmosphere, the surprise of creativity in the least expected surroundings that could reach the audience of tomorrow? (Die Zeit). Erin Roll talks to bassist Christian McBride about his collaboration with the late Chick Corea (Montclair Local). --- Aaron Martin talks to musician and historian Nelson Harrison about the rich jazz history of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania (WPXI).

Andreas Hartmann talks to the trombonist, composer and musicologist George E. Lewis about his current project, an opera based on themes from W.E.B. DuBois and Claudio Monteverdi, about experiencing COVID-19 lockdowns in New York and Berlin where he currently lives, about a program with afrodiasporic contemporary music he curates at this year's Maerzmusik festival, about the need to make afrodiasporic composers more visible, about the problem of stereotyping in music, as well as about creolisation which has already happened in all forms of music but hasn't yet reached the awareness of promoters, institutions, journalists, philosophers, and the academia (Der Tagesspiegel). --- Caroline Olsen listens to a lecture at Syracuse University by drummer Terri Lyne Carrington who talks about the call to activism, about the mission being important, "no matter where you are", about addressing racism and gender inequality in her music, as well as about her approach of making her music different (The Daily Orange).

Matthew Kassel talks to pianist and club owner Spike Wilner about dealing with the pandemic and the resulting closure of his clubs, Smalls and Mezzrow, about his own music that came out of the early pandemic, about slowly reopening, yet the financial burden having been ridiculous, as well as about not being optimistic that live entertainment in New York will return to normal any time soon (Jewish Insider). Nate Chinen talks to Spike Wilner as well, and learns about additional problems arising from a restriction by the State Liquor Authority "decreeing that live music at any establishment must be offered as a complement to food service" (WBGO).

Denis Kovylin listens to eight LPs documenting 1970s Soviet jazz and links to the respective YouTube examples (Global Comment). --- Pirmin Bossart talks to the Swiss pianist Nik Bärtsch about his latest solo album "Entendre", about never having seen composition, interpretation and improvisation as different worlds, as well as about a book on Japanese martial art and Zen and how that connects to his music which will be published along with the vinyl edition of his album (Aargauer Zeitung).


We learned of the passing of the pianist and singer Jo Thompson at the age of 91 (Detroit News), the singer Yolande Bruce at the age of 62 (Twin Cities Pioneer Press), the pianist Freddie Redd at the age of 92 (WBGO), the Japanese drummer Shuichi Murakami at the age of 70 (Sumikai), the bassist Paul Jackson at the age of 73 (No Treble, Pitchfork), the bassist Dean Reilly at the age of 94 (San Francisco Chronicle), the Chilean trumpeter Cristián Cuturrufo at the age of 48 (La Tercera), the (Capitol) label executive Bhaskar Menon at the age of 86 (New York Times), the bassist James Leary at the age of 74 (Facebook Scotty Barnhart), the photographer Jack Bradley at the age of 86 (Facebook Louis Armstrong House Museum), as well as the singer Mary Kehl at the age of 53 (NWZ).

From the World of Jazz Research

50 years Institute for Jazz Research – Call for Papers
The Institute for Jazz Research at the University of Music and Performing Arts in Graz, Austria, has corrected the deadline we gave in our last newsletter. Its next conference focusing on changes in jazz research, the changing understanding of jazz's boundaries, jazz studies and gender, as well as about the sites where jazz is being made and heard is planned for 18-21 November 2021. The correct deadline for papers suggestions is: 1 April 2021. More: Jazzforschung Graz.

Rhythm Changes – postponed
We just learned that the Rhythm Changes conference originally planned in Amsterdam for August 2020, then postponed to August 2021, was postponed once more with a new prospective date set for 25-28 August 2022 (Rhythm Changes).

Last Week at the Jazzinstitut

(New) books we read
Among the books on our desk the last couple of weeks was "Fallen from the Moon. Robert Edward Juice Wilson. His Life on Earth. A Dossier", by Anthony Barnett; "A Rediscovered Trio. Down Memory Lane with the Green Book Cellist and an Apprentice", by Evelin Täht and Atro Mikkola; as well as "Heart Full of Rhythm. The Big Band Years of Louis Armstrong", by Ricky Riccardi (see the Jazzinstitut's book review page).

Dein Song
The German TV show "Dein Song" (Your Song) brings young musicians, singers and songwriters together with experienced colleagues who coach them in order to realize a professional recording of a specific song. Last November one segment of the show was filmed at the Jazzinstitut, and that was shown on German TV recently with the 16-year-old singer Lion being coached by the popular vocalist Tom Gaebel. Both the coaching (Coaching) and the final result (music video) of Lion's "Fallschirm" can be viewed online – with some great shots from the archive and from our concert space – that recording probably was the only "live music" that happened down there in the last 12 months.

Current Opening hours of the Jazzinstitut
The Jazzinstitut will remain open the public by appointment only. Research slots will be given out with exact time slots for one visitor at a time. At the same time we continue our offer for research help by phone, e-mail or video-call. If you would like to schedule a video call, please send an e-mail to make an appointment and give us an idea what you want to talk about. We will then reply with a link for a Webex video session for your meeting.

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