JAZZClick to open JAZZpectspects is the Jazzinstitut Darmstadt’s latest publication, a semi-annual online collection of analytical or critical essays and historical documents about jazz history and current discourses about jazz. JAZZpects will complement the Darmstadt Studies in Jazz Research, our bi-annual book series documenting the results of the Darmstadt Jazzforum conference, and the JazzNews, our e-mail newsletter sent out every other week and linking interviews and essays about current developments and debates in jazz. Other publications we are responsible for are exhibition catalogues and more – just have a look at our website to find out.

With JAZZpects we want to close a gap in our publication activities. The online format allows us to publish material we receive which is not connected to our Darmstadt Jazzforum conference; it also answers to requests from many researchers who want to see parts of their research published yet find no appropriate publication medium.

At this time, JAZZpects is not a peer-reviewed journal. The Jazzinstitut’s staff serves as editors; however we welcome any suggestions for different ways to approach this publication.

Number 1 (July 2017) [PDF file]
… A documentation with facsimiles about the jazz festival in Sopot in 1957, for which Werner Wunderlich organized a trip by Frankfurt jazz musicians like Albert and Emil Mangelsdorff to Poland, an event which turned out to be the start of cultural exchange between Germany and Poland after the Word War II.

excerpt from a radio broadcast: hr2 Jazzstudio from 25 June 2003:
Die Frankfurter als „Botschafter des Jazz“. Moderator: Jürgen Schwab
(Courtesy of hr)