On this page you will find our daily JazzNews linking you to current reports about jazz in daily newspapers, our JazzLetter presenting specific parts of our collection, as well as other Jazzinstitut publications available online.

A short introduction

With this brief introduction to the collection holdings and an overview of the diverse tasks and activities of the Jazzinstitut Darmstadt, we made a contribution to our friends from the Ukrainian festival “Jazz on the Dnjeper” in the capital Kiev in the summer of 2020.

Director Wolfram Knauer gives a tour of the archive and media library of the municipal cultural institute, which exists since 1990 and houses the largest public jazz collection in Europe. Doris Schröder reports on the work with the extensive picture, film and poster collection and on the now more than 50 exhibition projects in the gallery under the roof of the Kavaliershaus. Arndt Weidler tells of the institute’s tasks as an information center and place of cultural networking.


Numerous Darmstadt resident institutions join together under #darmstadtbildetBanden (translate as “Darmstadt moldes accompleces”) while the second cultural shutdown continous. Together we created a virtual Advent calendar, which demonstrates the diversity of culture in Darmstadt – even under pandemic circumstances. Day by day in December, we try  to stimulate your awareness of an impressive creative potential here in Darmstadt.

“Bird Lives” – Zur Unsterblichkeit in der Musik

The Darmstadt based Schader-Stiftung is a non-profit organization to promote applied science in the field of sociology, urbanity and sustainable development which plans on 28 October 2020 a digital symposium entitled “Wie lange hält die Ewigkeit”(How long lasts eternity?) and asked us to contribute with an multimedia interdisiplinary project.

Thus, for Charlie “Bird” Parker’s 100th birthday on 29 August, we asked German musicians for a short statement about how Parker influenced them in any way, and to reflect about the immortal legacy of a great musician.

Here is a short version (roughly 4 Minutes) with excerpts from the above:

We do really appreciate the contributions of the participating artists, such as Ilona Haberkamp, Silvia Droste, Timo Vollbrecht, Tamara Lukasheva, Uli Kempendorff, Anke Helfrich, Gebhard Ullmann, Chris Hopkins, Christof Sänger, Nils Wogram, André Nendza, Christof Thewes, Charlotte Greve, Kerstin Haberecht, Angelika Niescier, Jan Klare, Sheila Jordan, Sabine Kühlich, Laia Genc, Anne Czichowsky, Daniel Erdmann, Frank Gratkowski, Kalle Kalima, Peter Brötzmann, Achim Kaufmann … to be continued. Thank You All!