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Jazz Books

As in every archive, there are quite a few doubles, triples, quadruples in the Jazzinstitut Darmstadt's archive. We would not part with everything, but some material is in our shelves so often that it makes sense to financially support further archiving and care of the collection through a sale. Please note: At the moment we only offers of books in our jazz exchange.

For packaging and shipping we charge a flat rate within Europe, depending on the size and weight of the books, in addition to the stated sales price. 5 euros (small package, up to 2 kg) 8 euros (large package, up to 5 kg)

From time to time we are offered private collections for sale, whose acceptance we unfortunately have to decline for various reasons. We have decided to support particularly interesting offers and sellers we consider serious in contacting and handling the sale with interested parties. Furthermore, we document numerous contacts to collectors and dealers in our online database www.wegweiserjazz.de [updated: 2023-07-26] Continue reading Jazzbörse