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Our publications

Batch_JazzinstitutOur Darmstadt Studies in Jazz Research are published every two years by Wolke-Verlag. They summarize the contributions of the previous Darmstadt Jazzforum conferences and deal with different thematic focuses (e.g. "Jazz in Europe," "Improvisation," "Duke Ellington and the Consequences," or "Jazz.Schule.Medien.").

However, the Jazzinstitut is regularly involved in publications by other publishers and authors. Recently, we have also documented our exhibition series "German Jazz Photographers" in our own book series.

The address directory on jazz life in Germany, the "Wegweiser Jazz" was last published in print form in 2010. Since 2012, we have been offering an online database of addresses for jazz activities around the world at www.wegweiserjazz.de, which is growing almost daily. Users can create and manage entries there themselves. A monitored editorial system ensures the security and reliability of the data.

Early issues of the Jazznewsletter are still available at the Jazzinstitut. The print series ended with No. 10. Since then, information about activities of the Jazzinstitut Darmstadt can be found online in the “Jazzbrief”.

In addition to scholarly or service publications, the Jazzinstitut publishes the monthly Darmstadt Jazz Calendar, an informative leaflet that provides information about the musical activities of the local jazz scene. Here you can find concert notes and short reports about new projects of Darmstadt musicians. The Darmstadt Jazz Calendar is available in Darmstadt pubs and hotels, but can also be accessed on the Internet from the main page of our homepage: "Darmstädter Jazzkalender Online“.

Jazz Books

As in every archive, there are quite a few doubles, triples, quadruples in the Jazzinstitut Darmstadt's archive. We would not part with everything, but some material is in our shelves so often that it makes sense to financially support further archiving and care of the collection through a sale. Please note: At the moment we only offers of books in our jazz exchange.

For packaging and shipping we charge a flat rate within Europe, depending on the size and weight of the books, in addition to the stated sales price. 5 euros (small package, up to 2 kg) 8 euros (large package, up to 5 kg)

Des Öfteren bekommen wir private Sammlungen zum Kauf angeboten, deren Annahme wir aus den unterschiedlichsten Gründen leider ablehnen müssen. Wir haben uns entschieden, besonders interessante Angebote und von uns als seriös eingeschätzte Anbieter bei Kontaktaufnahme und Abwicklung des Verkauf mit Interessenten zu unterstützen. Desweiteren dokumentieren wir in unserer Online-Datenbank www.wegweiserjazz.de zahlreiche Kontakte zu Sammlern und Händlern. [updated: 2023-01-26] Continue reading Jazzbörse