2011: Jazz. School. Media.

Forum_2011_quadrat_72_webTo this day, jazz belongs among the most creative and inspiring forms of music. The art of improvisation challenges musicians to express themselves spontaneously in a way few other art forms ask for. On the other hand jazz is still being considered a minority music, even though there is hardly any musical genre with more stylistic facets or that has been influential on so many developments within the field of popular music.

Musically then, jazz should be the music of the future even though this music sometimes has its problems reaching its audience which senses reservations about a seemingly difficult-to-understand music. The 12th Darmstadt Jazzforum focuses on different aspects of the mediation of jazz, be it in education in schools or conservatories, in the media or directly between the musicians and their audience.

The conference will be held from September 29th to October 1st, 2011 and feature papers by scholars from the fields of media and communication science, educators, journalists, PR experts but also practical mediators, i.e. musicians and concert promoters. We plan a workshop for educators as well as an online competition for critics.

By grouping these topics the Jazzforum wants to show that the future of jazz is not just a task for educators but should combine all aspects of education, media and especially life performance. The conference and the workshops will be in German without simultaneous translation. Paper suggestions from German speakers or scholars who understand sufficient German to be able to participate in the conference are welcome.