2007: Encounters … The World meets Jazz

JFProgrammlogo_2007The 10th Darmstadt Jazzforum from October 4th to 7th, 2007 centered on the subject “Encounters – The World Meets Jazz”. The subject matter was not so much “world music” but rather the fact that jazz was a productive music from the beginning. We were aware, that musicians all over the world who took up jazz had to know and respect its roots as African-American music as well as had to contribute some of their own traditions. The Darmstadt Jazzforum discussed this productive discourse of traditions, the fact that jazz has been influenced by music traditions from all over the globe, from countries and regions in which the jazz tradition meanwhile has been accepted as their own tradition. We planned to discuss such convergences, adaptions or adoptions and will look at ideas which come from ethnic musical genres but so excellently work within the jazz context that it’s difficult to place the results in any of the existing genres. It’s not “world music” and it’s not mainstream jazz either. It’s a creative exchange of ideas which changes jazz.