The collection of the Jazzinstitut Darmstadt is grounded on donations, material inheritances, and to an much fewer extend, acquisitions from different provenance. At this point we will try to give you some information, just in case you are thinking to offer parts of your private collection to the Jazzinstitut Darmstadt.

We are most interested in previously unpublished, widely unregistered material or publications of low circulation, like manuscripts, correspondence of musicians resp. with musicians. Also of interest are handwritten music scores or arrangements, privately taken and unpublished photographs, jazz posters of all kind, research notes and collected essays in the context of scientific research, scrapbooks with older newspaper articles and many more. If you hold material of any kind, we will be pleased if you contact us.

If we are unable to take over your collection, we will be happy to advise you on finding any interested parties.